Facing Childhood Traumas

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Facing Childhood Traumas is about understanding our feelings and learning to consciously face, feel and experience all of our feelings within the context of our own childhood.  

Everything we become and happens to us is connected to childhood.  And this is a fact.

“Child abuse happens one child at a time, and is faced alone by each victim.  The question should not be, 'Why are they compelled to tell their stories?' but rather, 'Why doesn’t our country feel compelled to listen to their stories?'” states Timmen L. Cermak, MD in the foreword of Suzanne Somers’ book Wednesday’s Children; Adult Survivors of Abuse Speak Out.

Today I have found the answer to this question.  The reason most people don’t want to listen to the stories of abuse is because if they listen to the painful truth of others they would have to face their own painful truth - that they too have suffered some form of child abuse.

Unfortunately, most of us come from abusive family systems; and our schools and institutions continue that abuse.  A lot of people cannot handle it.  They don't have the courage to face and feel the painful truth that we have been abused by those that were supposed to love and care for us.

Now, in our adult life, we may have turned into abusers ourselves.  


We understand a lot about human motivation once we realize one thing that ninety nine percent of humanity spends ninety nine percent of their time trying to avoid from facing and feeling painful truths.

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